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Teaching Philosophy

My approach to teaching is based on three primary goals that creates an inviting and safe atmosphere to discuss important issues that connect to psychology.  

Students Sitting on Staircase

Student Engagement to Support Learning

I adopt a student-oriented approach to understand how best to help them be successful. To do so, we collaboratively set class objectives and goals, and I encourage after-class meetings to review course-related material and and other academic issues (e.g., grad school). I also encourage feedback on my instruction throughout the class.

Discussing Books

Creating a Positive, Active, and Adaptive Learning Environment

I provide an atmosphere that encourages discussion beyond the course material and focuses on contextual and societal issues that contribute to human development. I plan my classes in advance but also ensure there is space for adjustment. I work hard to ensure that the classroom is adaptive, welcome, and engaging for all. We collectively agree at the beginning of each semester to support and respect our diverse experiences and perspectives.

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Connecting Theory to Everyday Experiences

Scientific literacy and knowledge translation is an incredibly important skill for researchers. I strive to connect concepts, theories, and research to everyday experiences and issues that we see on a daily basis. I have developed assignments for students to read about a topic and to write lay summaries and articles designed for the everyday reader, which helps to form a more concrete foundation for the topics discussed.

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