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Current Research Projects


Trust and Security in Adolescents' Relationships

This research project is based on the idea that more work on specific relational provisions are necessary to better understand how social relationships can be healthy or unhealthy. In this work, I am investigating how two positive dimensions buffer the effects adverse experiences for youth. Specifically, I am interested in how trust in a person (e.g., sibling) or security in a relationship (e.g., best friendship) is associated with better adjustment and who benefits more from these perspectives. 


Adolescent Relationships and COVID-19

In this project, I am collaborating with colleagues from Canada to explore the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on adolescent mental health. In particular, I am interested in two main questions:


  1. How have adolescents' relationships with their siblings and best friends improve or worsen their mental health during the pandemic?

  2. How do youth perceive their romantic partners and best friends as being more dominant than them during the pandemic. How is this power imbalance related to their well-being?


Adolescents' Daily Experiences 

This project takes advantage of experience sampling assessments to capture adolescents' daily interactions and well-being. In this research, I am investigating links between perceived support, conflict, mood, and sleep quality. I am also testing longstanding theoretical arguments that day-to-day experiences accumulates to inform our perceptions of the quality of the relationships with have with others.

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