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Research Program

My primary area of research asks how relationships in childhood and adolescence shape one's development and mental health. Over the course of our lives, we form many relationships and use them in different ways. Over time, some relationships take on greater importance, while others become less impactful or end altogether. Although they can are each unique in their own way, we hold similar perspectives into what makes up the relationships, which can positive (e.g., support) and negative (e.g., conflict).

In exploring these relationships, my ultimate goal is to better understand the unique roles that each of these partnerships have on youth, but also how they can work together to promote healthy development. Through knowledge-building and recognition of the many close relationships we have, we can develop better ways to promote the development of positive and adaptive skills that cultivate healthy relationships and youth development.

The best part of my research is that it is not limited to just one question. Rather, my work opens the doors to other questions and areas that I would not have thought about. It allows me to connect with individuals whose work and experiences I can learn from and grow, both as a scholar and as a human. I am always keen to work with others to uncover new ways of thinking and studying this important question.

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